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A I R Lab

Ambient Intelligence Research lab

Interfacing Physical and Digital Worlds

The focus of research in A I R Lab is to develop techniques and applications of Ambient Intelligence in smart homes and offices. Applications such as behavior analysis for aging-in-place, personal recommendation systems in smart offices, and occupancy-aware smart buildings are under investigation. A space in the lab is set up in the form of a smart room providing natural settings of a living environment while offering an ambient interface to its user through pervasive sensing, processing, and communication. In a smart office setting, a network of sensing devices is used to monitor work habits and social interactions of the workers, and adaptive personal recommendations are provided to them to promote ergonomic health and social engagement.
In these settings, a network of sensors and a user interface fuse real-time inference and contextual data to enable adaptive services through interactive learning. This fusion connects the user's physical world with the digital world, enabling context-aware personalized services and placing the user at the center of human-centric computing.

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence has been defined as the field to study and create embodiments for smart environments that not only react to human events through sensing, interpretation and service provision, but also learn and adapt their operation and services to the users over time. These embodiments employ contextual information when available, and offer unobtrusive and intuitive interfaces to their users. Through a user-oriented employment of communication links, these systems can also offer ambient communication and media delivery options between users allowing for seamless multi-party interactions and novel social networking applications.




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A I R Lab
Stanford University