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A I R Lab

Ambient Intelligence Research lab

Open House / Day Workshop
Ambient Intelligence:
From Sensor Networks to Smart Environments and Social Media
Friday June 11, 2010
Stanford University



Smart environments are physical embodiments of interactive systems that sense, interpret, react to, and anticipate events of interest involving their occupants. A network of sensors is often employed as the entry point of data in these systems, measuring the location, activity, and interactions of the users. With multiple or heterogeneous sensors data processing and decision fusion may be based on distributed and pervasive computing. Handheld devices can be used as the interface between the sensor network in the physical environment, data and content available in the digital world, and the user's real-time preferences or saved behavior model learned by the system over time. Pervasive communication systems link users to others based on interest, availability, and the choice of representation mode according to the user's context and preference model. The concept of Ambient Intelligence refers to design of adaptive smart environment systems that employ contextual information via unobtrusive and intuitive interfaces in order to offer services to their users.

This day workshop aims to act as a forum for discussing recent results and on-going trends in system and application design for smart environments, ambient intelligence, pervasive communication, mobile systems, and social networks. Topics will include sensor systems, processing methodologies, networks and data management systems, and interpretation algorithms that enable novel applications. Methods and applications based on multimodal and pervasive sensing and processing, camera networks, user interfaces and adaptive interaction, and pervasive communication will be presented and discussed by the participants. In particular, sensing systems and algorithms for human activity analysis and behavior modeling in various applications from home automation to well-being and healthcare, and from smart meeting rooms to multimodal social networks will be discussed.

The workshop will consist of a series of talks by participants but is held in an interactive and informal fashion to encourage discussion and cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration. Panel discussions and networking breaks offer additional opportunities to know and have conversations with other participants.

The workshop also serves as an open house for the Stanford's A I R (Ambient Intelligence Research) Lab, and an overview of the current projects and recent results will be presented.

The agenda of the workshop is available here.


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